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Technology is just not my thing...but I was interested in starting a home based business.  Di helped me get started by setting up a business Facebook page.  She was very patient and helpful when I was hesitant.  Di encouraged me to give it a go when I was thinking of saying “never mind!”  Di has given me great tips and has been a delight to work with.  If social media is just not your thing or maybe you just don’t have the time, I would recommend letting Di help you out!  She’ll light a fire under you with her giant heart, personality, and abilities!  

- Michele L.

We hired Di to manage all of our Social Media and proactive positive client contacts a year ago.  It has been an overwhelming success.  In a day and age where these are required activities we have a piece of mind that all of this is not only be handled but,  done consistently with a confident and competent partner with Di’s services.   Now our clients feel more connected and in touch with our Agency.   This is great piece of mind as a business owner.  I fully endorse Di of Be Social and her talents.

-Vince O.

I have had the pleasure of working with Di for a few years now on a common business project.  Nothing compares to her dedication and drive to get things done and to succeed!  She is truly a gem when it comes to customer satisfaction and being there for her clients.  

- Laurie D.