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Social butterfly: Someone who is social or friendly with everyone.  Comes from the Latin word for "friend."  When you're being social, you're everyone's friend.

My family always jokes that no matter where they go with me, I will either know someone or probably make a new friend!   Born a social butterfly!

Growing up my family moved every few years, which has probably been why it’s always been easy for me to meet new people.  Social media has been a wonderful way for me to reconnect with distant friends, connect with family in other countries,  and nurture old and new friendships with those in my local area.   I thrive on connections, fun, new ideas, staying busy, and am super passionate for giving back and helping others!   

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Be Social was born from a desire to help others make strong connections. I am passionate about creating and cultivating friendships and believe that everyone has something to offer to someone!

With experience in events and communications, and now as a Relationship Marketing Expert, my goal is to help businesses set themselves apart from their competitors. Through various marketing strategies, Be Social helps businesses differentiate themselves from the competition.  Through both digital platforms and person-to-person interactions, my goal is to help my clients create long-lasting connections, enhance your companies' offerings and uniqueness, build business-to-business relationships, and grow loyalty, trust, and referrals!

The fact that I can be part of something that will create a ripple is what makes this journey exciting for me.  I look forward to helping as many people as possible grow their businesses and make lasting connections that we all can then celebrate!

Technology is just not my thing...but I was interested in starting a home based business.  Di helped me get started by setting up a business Facebook page.  She was very patient and helpful when I was hesitant.  Di encouraged me to give it a go when I was thinking of saying “never mind!”  Di has given me great tips and has been a delight to work with.  If social media is just not your thing or maybe you just don’t have the time, I would recommend letting Di help you out!  She’ll light a fire under you with her giant heart, personality, and abilities!  

- Michele L.

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